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AS/SA Print Edition - Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce that soon our review will exist both online and in print. We are currently working hard on its preparation. (This is one of the reasons you now see "PDF" files available for the first several issues.) The process involves carefully preparing and type-setting the articles, which remain in their original form from an academic standpoint, and of course, as a courtesy and to avoid copyright issues, we are currently in the process of asking each of our contributors for their consent to include their articles in the upcoming print series.

Volumes one and two, covering Issues 1-3 and 4-5 respectively, will be out in mid-October or shortly thereafter, pending permissions, and by this winter, we hope to have volumes 3-6 available as well. That should bring us in sync with the online version. From then on, each issue will appear in both media.

In keeping with our philosophy, which is to do our best to provide a democratic, free and open publication, the print edition will be available from a high-quality digital print-on-demand publisher in the US. This way, a copy will be rapidly created only for those individuals and institutions who would like one. We feel this is both efficient and environmentally sound. Our costs will also remain significantly lower than traditional academic print publications.

More news on this new edition coming soon.

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