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AS/SA, now featuring RSS

As your editors we are always on the lookout for ways to increase the visibility and accessibility of our publication, and of the research contributed by our authors.

This was the rationale behind creating an XML file designed to inform your browser (if you decide to subscribe) whenever a new issue of AS/SA comes out. Called "Really Simple Syndication", this technology is sweeping the Internet this year both because it is so easy to install and use, and because it is so very elegant and useful despite this simplicity.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5, however, is somewhat behind the times and does not come equipped to utilize RSS technology. We suggest using Safari, if you are a Mac user, or Mozilla Firefox for the majority, who use Windows (although Firefox is a cross-platform browser that works anywhere). Once you install Firefox, simply visit our home page and click on the orange icon to the bottom right. From then on, your bookmarks will feature a tab for our review, and it will update itself whenever we release a new issue. Simple, isn't it?

Firefox is free, faster and more secure than any other browser available for windows, save perhaps Opera, which is also very good.

For more information on what RSS actually is, visit this page.

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