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Full article web pages introduced

With Issue No 11/12, we have implemented a long-brewing idea: to post each article as a single web page, with virtual "page breaks" along each html file to allow for more intuitive citation of our contributor's work. While this means each article takes longer to load, it seems that today's 28.8 kbps and 56 kbps modems can handle the traffic.

We have also implemented more recent html for our dashes, using the code #151 instead of a double-underline raised as a superscript. The former solution looked all right, but it was only an interim measure.

We hope quoting the articles won't be complicated by the new format, whose pages are now quite impalpable.

As always, your suggestions on the medium and content of AS/SA are welcome. Please keep in mind, however, that it has always been our credo to keep the code simple and functional, and to eschew most of the bells and whistles that make so many of today's web pages "dynamic" yet cumbersome.

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