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AS/SA No. 8, an all-Israeli affair

Susanne Feigenbaum of the University of Haïfa was the one to approach us, while Peter Marteinson was professor on a definite term contract at the University of Waterloo, regarding the publication of the acts of this fine semiotics colloquium in the Holy Land. Dedicated to the memory of Claude Gandelman, and to an area he cherished, the semiotics of the visible, the issue features some of the finest and most academically stimulating contributions yet.

Thanks and well done, Susanne!

Our only slight regret is that it was only an "all-Israeli" issue. It might have been even better if it had instead been an "all-Israel" issue, as then it would have been able to include one of our favourite scholars, Itamar Even-Zohar of Tel Aviv University.

Nevertheless, it's a fine piece of academic publishing, thanks to all the Israeli colleagues who did participate.

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