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HTML and our Academic Publishing on the Web

AS/SA continues to receive the kind support of contributors and readers from many countries, some of whom have kindly sent us their suggestions regarding the way we are using the medium.

We have also been active in our observation of the way the protocol is developing, and are now experimenting with improvements to the way we use hypertext markup language.

You might notice we are now including justification, so that both right and left margins are clean and orderly both on screen and when our pages are printed, as well as such minor changes as distinguishing typographically between hyphens and dashes, and various new styles for improving the usefulness of our footnotes.

One more thing we haven't yet tried is professor Itamar Even-Zohar's suggestion that each article consist of a single web page. It's a good idea — though we plan to delay implementing it until we are more confident that our own web server, as well as those in far away reaches of the globe, are fast enough to make such files practicable (and there is also the consideration of average modem speed for our readers).

We are always happy to receive your suggestions on these and all other aspects of the review.

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