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What is AS/SA?

Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée is the first refereed academic journal the University of Toronto's Department of French has conceived wholly on-line. Devoted to practical research on Semiotics (the science of signs, their identification and the analysis of the laws describing their agency), the journal appears in English and French, exclusively on the web.

The first issue is scheduled for publication in the spring of 1996 at the URL

The philosophy of the review can best be expressed by its mandate:

"To promote practical research on semiotics, in English and in French, by taking full advantage of the World Wide Web as a publication medium.
"To advance concrete investigation, rather than purely abstract, theoretical or subjective efforts; for although the study of observable phenomena and concrete problems necessarily implies an examination of the theoretical foundations of this discipline, applied semiotics is considered here to encompass research on communicative structures and processes observable in actual literary (or other) texts."

The idea is to create a democratic, open, free and efficient new paradigm for the publication of academic research.

A special thanks goes out to two individuals without whose steadfast support and enthusiastic counsel our journal might never have happened (especially considering it has been created by two doctoral candidates): Professors Paul Perron, Head of French, and Ron Davis, Webmaster of our new departmental Internet site.

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