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A superb Advisory Board accepts our invitation to join AS/SA

We are delighted, after having invited 43 of the world's most eminent semiotics researchers to support the AS/SA project by joining our advisory board, that nearly all the people we asked accepted immediately.

Here are the names and affiliations of the fine scholars that will be kindly reading, evaluating and critiquing submissions to the review:

ADAM, Jean-Michel (Université de Lausanne)
BOUISSAC, Paul (University of Toronto)
BOURASSA, Lucie (Univ. de Montréal)
CHATMAN, Seymour (UC Berkeley)
CULLER, Jonathan (Cornell University)
DOLEZEL, Lubomir (Univ. of Toronto)
ELKABAS, Charles (Univ. of Toronto)
EVEN-ZOHAR, Itamar (Tel Aviv University)
FONTANILLE, Jacques (U. de Limoges)
GERVAIS, Bertrand (UQAM)
HÉBERT, Louis (U.Québec à Rimouski)
HENDERSON, Greig (University of Toronto)
KEANE-GREIMAS, Teresa (Limoges)
KLINKENBERG, Jean-Marie (Liège)
LEBLANC, Julie (University of Toronto)
LE HUENEN, Roland (University of Toronto)
LORD, Michel (University of Toronto)* joined later.
MAINGUENEAU, Dominique (Picardie)
MILLER, Owen (University of Toronto)
MITTERAND, Henri (Columbia)
MOLINIÉ, Georges (Paris IV-Sorbonne)
NESSELROTH, Peter (University of Toronto)
OLIVER, Andrew (University of Toronto)
PATERSON, Janet (Univ. of Toronto)
PERRON, Paul (University of Toronto)
PRINCE, Gerald (U. of Pennsylvania)
RIFFATERRE, Michael (Columbia)
SANCIER, Anne (Université Lyon III)
SEBEOK, Thomas A. (Indiana U., Institute for Advanced Studies Budapest)
SCHOLES, Robert (Brown University)
TARASTI, Eero (University of Helsinki)
TOOLAN, Michael (University of Birmingham)
TROTT, David (University of Toronto)
ÜBERSFELD, Anne (Univ. Paris III)
VAILLANCOURT, Daniel (University of Western Ontario)
VANDENDORPE, Christian (Ottawa)
VERNESCU, Flavia (University of Northern Iowa)
WOOLDRIDGE, Russon (University of Toronto)

The only people who very politely declined, as they were already members of such boards and had too many commitments at this time, were Linda Hutcheon and Umberto Eco. We understand, and harbour no hard feelings — we'll ask them again in ten years or so, when our journal has gained wider acceptance.

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